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Med school isn’t for the faint of heart. And it’s expensive. MD is here to help—we’ll deposit $500 into your account if you open, or transfer to, a Scotia Professional® Student Plan (SPSP) line of credit through MD by April 30, 2019.1,2


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3 Reasons to Sign Up Now

With up to $300,000 to help see you through to the finish line, the SPSP line of credit through MD has an interest rate of prime minus 0.25%.4 More breathing room at a lower cost adds up to financial flexibility for you.

No principal or interest repayments are required while you’re in school or during a grace period of up to two years3, plus there’s the option to repay in full at any time without penalty. An SPSP line of credit can help you find financial balance throughout your journey, through med school and beyond.

Once your SPSP line of credit is in place, the full amount is available to be borrowed immediately. This means you’re in control of your finances, and you can decide how you want to benefit from the available funds over time.

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